Working papers

Emerging Technologies and the IT Gender Wage Gap
(with Tiantian Yang)

Digital Capital and Superstar Firms
(with Lorin Hitt, Daniel Rock, and Erik Brynjolfsson)
[Brookings Institute Working Paper Version]

The Death of a Technical Skill
(with John Horton)

InnoVAE: Generative AI for Patents and Innovation
(with Zhaoqi Cheng and Dokyun Lee)

Does EMR Adoption by Nursing Homes Decrease Hospitalization Costs?
(with Atiye Cansu Erol and Lorin Hitt)

Remote Work Jobs and Applicant Diversity: Evidence from Technology Startups
(with David Hsu)

Algorithmic Bilinguals

Deep Capital for Deep Learning
(with Daniel Rock and Berry Wang)

Published papers

Paying to program? Engineering Brand and High-Tech Wages
(with Xuan Ye and Peter Cappelli)
NBER Working Paper #25552.
Management Science. 2020.

AI in Human Resources Management: Challenges and a Path Forward
(with Peter Cappelli and Valery Yakubovich)
California Management Review. 2019.

Built to learn: How work practices affect employee learning during healthcare IT implementation
(with Ariel Avgar and Lorin Hitt)
MIS Quarterly, 2018.

Private equity and career paths: The role of technological change
(with Ashwini Agrawal)
Review of Financial Studies, 2016.

Health care information technology, work organization, and nursing home performance
(with Lorin Hitt)
Industrial Relations and Labor Review, 2016.

Labor economists get their microscope: big data and labor market analysis
(with John Horton)
Big Data, 2015.

Big data, skills, and firm value
Management Science, 2014.

Measuring Information Technology Spillovers
(with Lorin Hitt)
Information Systems Research, 2013.

Job hopping, information technology spillovers, and productivity growth
(with Lorin Hitt)
Management Science, 2013.

The productivity of information technology investments: New evidence from IT labor data
(with Lorin Hitt)
Information Systems Research, 2012.

Now IT's personal: Offshoring and the shifting skill composition of the US information technology workforce
(with Lorin Hitt)
Management Science, 2012.

The extroverted firm: How external information practices affect innovation and productivity
(with Lorin Hitt and Erik Brynjolfsson)
Management Science, 2012.

How offshoring affects IT workers
(with Lorin Hitt)
Communications of the ACM, 2010.

Broadband adoption and content consumption
(with Lorin Hitt)
Information Economics and Policy, 2007.